Good day! So, I need to present my disertation code to my thesis advisors, but I'm quite unsure how to actually do it in a proper way. I found this presentation showing some ideas.

Is there a way of making the slides 48-67 in beamer without using tikz? Any ideas to implement the whole ideas the author propose?

Thanks in advance.

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    Please make a minimal document which illustrates a specific issue you want help with, post the code and format it by highlighting and using ctrl+k. Then explain the particular question you have about that code. This will make it much easier for people to understand the problem and try out solutions - and so much more likely they will. – cfr Aug 4 '17 at 1:46
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You can add code in the same way as in "normal" latex documents, for example using the listings package or minted.

One thing to do: you have to use the [fragile] option for frames containing code.

A quick example:




       %CODE HERE


(to adjust the colours etc. as in the slides you linked to, have a look at the listings documentation)

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