There is a new version of friggeri-cv.cls here https://github.com/mlda065/friggeri-letter/blob/master/example-resume.tex .

It works well with TeXLive 2016. However I can add new side sections like I (and the examples) used to.

The current examaple has only one aside https://github.com/mlda065/friggeri-letter/blob/master/example-resume.tex

   contact info

But I can't just add other asides or open sections inside this environment.

How can I add more side sections? Is there a workaround?

In the old version, it was as simple as:

spanish, english

(see here http://www.latextemplates.com/template/friggeri-resume-cv)


This is the workaround I found. It would be better to do without this workaround.

John Smith \\
~ \\
123 Fake St \\
Australia \\
~  \\
02 1234 5678 \\
0412 345 678 \\
~   \\
\href{mailto:example@example.com}{example@example.com} \\
\href{http://www.smith.com}{http://www.smith.com} \\

            {\Large\headingfont\color{headercolor} {New Section Title}} \\
    My text

You still have to use \ifx \firstPage \undefined \xdef\firstPage{} \else to have a different aside for the first and second pages.

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