If I introduce a citation in a subsection title I get the following warning:

Package hyperref Warning: Token not allowed in a PDF string (PDFDocEncoding): (hyperref) removing `\@ifnextchar' on input line 18.

This is my minimal example:

\usepackage[colorlinks=true, allcolors=blue]{hyperref}

        author = {author},
        title = {Title},
        journal = {Journal},
        year = {9999},
        volume = {1},
        number = {1},
        pages = {10--20}

    \subsection{Subsection Title \cite{myref} }


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    Off-topic: It is prtetty strange to cite something in a structural title. – Johannes_B Aug 4 '17 at 9:05
  • That was in fact my second question. If I add introduce method name in a title. Should I only add a reference in the content? – Juan Leni Aug 4 '17 at 9:07
  • Yes, I think so. But this is a style question not a TeX question. – Schweinebacke Aug 4 '17 at 9:09
  • I agree. Sorry and thank you for the feedback. By the way, I sometimes have some "style" questions. What would be an appropriate stackexchange group for that? – Juan Leni Aug 4 '17 at 9:10
  • Off-topic: Since you're using the apalike bibliography style, you should use the field name journal, not journaltitle. – Mico Aug 4 '17 at 9:29

\cite is not expandable and will therefore not work, when the subsection title is expanded to a bookmark string. \texorpdfstring can be used to provide an alternative or omit it:

\subsection{Subsection Title\texorpdfstring{ \cite{myref}}{}}

Or use the optional argument to remove the citation in the table of contents, too.

\subsection[Subsection Title]{Subsection Title \cite{myref}}
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  • Thanks! Is there any way to keep the citation in the title but that it does not appear anywhere else? If I write cite outside the subsection brackets it appears in another line – Juan Leni Aug 4 '17 at 9:06
  • @purpleTentacle Use the optional argument of \subsection and don't use \cite in that optional argument. – Schweinebacke Aug 4 '17 at 9:10

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