I would like to write the following picture. I am using the package chemfig but I am not sure how to write curved arrows and type over it.

enter image description here


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For example with tikz-cd

\begin{tikzcd}[every cell/.style={shape=circle,inner sep=0.5ex,font=\large}]
A \rar{a} \ar[r,bend right=60,looseness=1.8]& B \rar{b}                     & C \rar{c}\ar[dr,"e"']  & D \ar[d,bend right] \\
                                            & F \ar[u]\ar[rr,"f",pos=0.4]   &                        & E



A chemfig solution:


% from documentation:
    \def\curvedarrow@style{shorten <=\CF@arrow@offset,shorten >=\CF@arrow@offset,}%

%   \schemedebug{true} % for debugging only
    A \arrow(aa--bb){->[a]} B \arrow(--cc){->[b]} C \arrow(--dd){->[c]} D
    \arrow(@bb--ff){<-}[-90] F \arrow(--ee){->[f]}[,2.15] E

enter image description here

I obtained the code for the curved arrow (s>) from the documentation, IV Reaction schemes 10 Arrows customization, and its use is very well documented there as well.

An alternative (instead of s>) would probably be using \chemmove and the controls.. etc. from TikZ, but I didn't try that.

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