I am using tabu to create math tables. One of my equations is too long and exceeding the column width of the table, like so:

enter image description here

How can I make LaTeX automatically adjust the font size of the equation to fit within the column width?

Here is my MWE:

\documentclass[british, 11pt, reqno]{amsart}


\begin{tabu} to \textwidth{X[c] X[c] X[c] X[c] X[c]}
Test & Test & Test & Test & Test\\
$r_0(P_2)=\frac{1}{5}$ & $r_1(P_2)=\frac{4}{15}$ & $\begin{aligned}
r_2(P_2)&=\frac{r_2(P_1)}{3} + \frac{r_2(P_4)}{1}\\ 
\end{aligned}$ & $r_3(P_2)=\frac{7}{45}$ & 1\\


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