I am trying to use minted package, which has a dependency of the program called pygmentize. I installed this but did not working well. Then i did this But still showing the error:

File `pymentize.sty' not found.

when i write this:


I am using mac sierra and texstudio. Help me please.

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    pygmentize is not a LaTeX package. It is a Python package. So you should remove the pygmentize package import (you may have to install pygments which includes pygmentize using the Python package manager to let minted work afterwards). – epR8GaYuh Aug 9 '17 at 11:11
  • yes, i installed pygments by 'sudo easy_install Pygments' command and which is in '\usr\local\bin' folder. Then still I get the error 'Package minted Error: You must have `pygmentize' installed to use this package.' – sovon Aug 9 '17 at 11:17
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    is /usr/local/bin/ in your texstudio path? i.stack.imgur.com/MgOwG.png – user36296 Aug 9 '17 at 11:19
  • No, How can find it, what should i put pygmentize there? – sovon Aug 9 '17 at 11:26
  • @sovon Can you start pygmentize from the command line? – user4035 Aug 9 '17 at 12:13

Go to the "Preferences" menu in Texmaker and choose the "Commands" tab. In line next to "PdfLaTeX" there should be

"/usr/texbin/pdflatex" -synctex=1 -interaction=nonstopmode %.tex

change it to -

"/usr/texbin/pdflatex" -synctex=1 -shell-escape -interaction=nonstopmode %.tex

Got the solution from here

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