I'm currently finishing up my thesis and have some troubles getting the citation style I want. I tried to customise the authoryear style in biblatex but it's my first time using latex so I can't seem to wrap my head around the code.

I only have two types of entries in my library: articles and two masterthesis entries. I usually import articles directly from PubMed to JabRef (and don't change anything in the entry)



          author   = {Gross, Stefan Alfred and Wissenbach, Ulrich and Philipp, Stephan Ernst and Freichel, Marc and Cavalié, Adolfo and Flockerzi, Veit},
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            journal  = {Science},
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            number   = {6000},
            pages    = {101},






This code gives me this: This gives me this:

I do however would like my bibliography to look like this This is how I want it however

I want to show all author names, in this order : lastname, Initials of first names. When there are more than six authors, after the sixth author the rest should be abbreviated with et al.

Also with the citations in the text I do face some problems I wasn't able to recreate for a MWEB:

So sometimes the first initial of the first author is printed:

I use the natbib-comp mode (because I started of with bibtex and then switched to biblatex) so I want my citations to look like this:

(AuthorA et al., year; AuthorB et al., year) (AuthorA und AuthorB, year) each time only showing the last name and no additional initials of the first name!

If there are more than 3 authors, it should be abbreviated with et al. after the first author.

Thanks for any help!

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    Welcome to TeX SX! For the first and third points, simply add the [maxbibnames=6, minbibnames=6, maxcitenames=3, mincitenames=1]. For the second point, I"m sure it can be obtained with a simple patch of the cite bib macro.
    – Bernard
    Aug 12, 2017 at 9:35
  • Please note that on this site questions should ideally revolve around one issue only. Your question crams many issues into one. Some sub-issues have already been answered on this site.
    – moewe
    Aug 12, 2017 at 11:11
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    For the seemingly random initials, see biblatex, authoryear style: In-text citations display first name initials for certain bibliography entries. For the 'et al.' thing in citations maxcitenames=2 alone should be enough if you don't change any other max/min(cite)names setting. For the name order see Guidelines for customizing biblatex styles
    – moewe
    Aug 12, 2017 at 11:16
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    You will still need uniquelist=false, see Set limit to one author when using “et al.” in biblatex as you had in your MWE.
    – moewe
    Aug 12, 2017 at 12:29
  • 1
    Note that \DeclareNameAlias{default}{last-first} should be \DeclareNameAlias{default}{family-given} with newer versions of biblatex. (But I'm not sure if you really need that when you have \DeclareNameAlias{sortname}{family-given} already)
    – moewe
    Aug 12, 2017 at 12:30


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