I am using FF Hertz to typeset a document. FF Hertz has both small caps and petite caps of which the latter suits my work better.

How can I redefine \textsc to load petite caps instead of small caps?

\documentclass[oneside, 11pt, a4paper]{memoir}

ItalicFont={HertzPro-BookItalic}, BoldFont={HertzPro-Bold}]{HertzPro-Book}



This is \textsc{small caps} and this is {\petite petite caps}



  • Something like \renewcommand\textsc[1]{\bgroup\petite#1\egroup}? – Steven B. Segletes Aug 14 '17 at 11:26
  • 2
    Why don't you add Letters=PetiteCaps to the SmallCapsFeatures directly? – Ulrike Fischer Aug 14 '17 at 11:30
  • @Ulrike Fischer, how do I do that? please? – AK16 Aug 14 '17 at 11:35
  • Check the documentation. – Ulrike Fischer Aug 14 '17 at 13:39
  • Have you tried providing the option SmallCapsFeatures={Letters=PetiteCaps} to the \setmainfont directive? (I can't try it out on my system since I don't have the "Hertz Pro" font family.) – Mico Aug 20 '17 at 8:43

I would like to suggest you provide the option


to the \setmainfont directive:


The \newfontfamily{\petite}[Letters=PetiteCaps]{HertzPro-Book} directive won't be needed anymore.

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