at the point that I am using \multicolumn {3}{c|}{A} it repeats A twice in the merged column. here is the code. thanks for your helps





\multirow{3}{*}{}  &  \multicolumn{3}{ c |}{A}\\

  & 70 & 100 & 150 \\


 Track angle [rad] & 0.047 & 0.067 & 0.100 \\



 Reference absolute carbody roll angle [rad] & 0.049 & 0.071 & 0.106 \\


 Reference swep coefficient & 0.061 & 0.062 & 0.064 \\



Tested absolute carbody roll angle [rad] & 0.051 & 0.072 & 0.108 \\


Tested swep coefficient & 0.078 & 0.078 & 0.078 \\



\caption{Sway characteristics test results}




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Just came across this question when I happen to encounter the same issue in a recent paper. It turns out that this bug in my case is caused by the xcolor package with the option table. By changing




I managed to remove this bug. Don't know if there's any other way though.

Hope this helps!

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  • (i) errors which is reported in question, can't be reproduced (question is not clear at all), (ii) from question is not follows that it deal anything with coloring of table rows/columns, (iii) even if i use \usepackage[usenames,dvipsnames,svgnames,table]{xcolor} it works fine. if you have some problems with it, which you solved as you say in your answer, show this in form of small complete document. the best in the new question. – Zarko Jan 20 '18 at 10:45

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