I need to have four different noicy curves drawn in tikz. The four lines need to be different (they must have different amplitude and noise.)

They need to start from a their own baseline and again end at this baseline.

enter image description here

my code is as follows




\path[use as bounding box,draw,black] (0,0) rectangle (12,12);

\node [circle,draw] at (\neuronX,\neuronY) (N1) {}; 
\node [circle,draw,below right = 0.2cm and 0.2cm of N1] () {};
\node [circle,draw,below right = 0.15cm and -0.2cm of N1] () {};
\node [circle,draw,below left = 0.6cm and -0.2cm of N1] () {};
\node [circle,draw,above right = 0.05cm and 0.2cm of N1] () {};
\node [circle,draw,below right = 0.8cm and 0.3cm of N1] () {};
\node [circle,draw,below left = 0.6cm and -0.2cm of N1] (N3) {};
\node [circle,draw,below right = 1.2cm and 0.2cm of N1] (N4) {};
\node [circle,draw,below left = 1.4cm and 0.0cm of N1] (N4) {};

\node[yshift = 10.5cm,xshift = 3.5cm] () {Before Optimization};

\coordinate (A1) at (2.5,10);
\coordinate (B1) at (2,5);
\draw (A1) to [bend left=10] (B1);

\coordinate (A2) at (4 , 10);
\coordinate (B2) at (4.5 , 5);
\draw (A2) to [bend right=10] (B2);

\draw (\XA,\YA) -- (\XA,\YA-\LengthProbe) -- (\XA+\widthProbe,\YA-\LengthProbe -\widthProbe) --(\XA+\widthProbe,\YA) -- (\XA,\YA); %linear probes

\foreach \ix in {0.2,0.8,...,4.6}
\draw (\XA+0.1,\YA-\ix) rectangle (\XA+\contactPoint+0.1,\YA-\ix-\contactPoint);

\foreach \ix in {0.3,0.9,...,5.0}
\draw (\XA+0.3,\YA-\ix-0.2) rectangle (\XA+\contactPoint+0.3,\YA-\ix-\contactPoint-0.2);




An alternative in Metapost, wrapped up in luamplib, so compile this with lualatex.

enter image description here


vardef exp(expr x) = mexp(256x) enddef; % wrap MP's version of exp

vardef normal_pdf(expr x) = 
    exp(-1/2x*x)/2.50662827463  % \sqrt(2\pi) \simeq 2.50663 

vardef noisy_normal_pdf(expr w, h, noisiness, frequency) = 
    ( (-4, normal_pdf(-4) + (noisiness/128) * normaldeviate) 
    for x=frequency-4 step frequency until 4:
       -- (x, normal_pdf(x) + (noisiness/128) * normaldeviate) 
   endfor ) xscaled 0.125 w yscaled 2.50663 h
enddef;  % scaled so that the curve has width w and height h

    for r = 0 upto 4:
        draw noisy_normal_pdf(5cm, 1cm, 2r, 1/32) shifted (0,r * cm);
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This is my first attempt on creating what you asked for. Right now I cant control the frequency, but you should be able to achieve something like you wanted.

enter image description here

Some code was taken from this question: Tikz/pgf decoration that adds noise only to y coordinate



  { \pgfmathsetmacro{\delta}{rand*\pgfdecorationsegmentamplitude}

\begin{tikzpicture}[decoration={jiggly, amplitude=0.1cm}]

\draw[decoration={jiggly, amplitude=0.2cm},smooth] [decorate] 
(0,0) --++(2,1)--++(2,0)-- ++(2,-1);

\draw[decoration={jiggly, amplitude=0.3cm},smooth] [decorate] 
(0,2) --++(2,1)--++(2,0)-- ++(2,-1);

\draw[decoration={jiggly, amplitude=0.5cm},smooth] [decorate] 
(0,4) --++(2,1)--++(2,0)-- ++(2,-1);

\draw[decoration={jiggly, amplitude=0.7cm},smooth] [decorate]
(0,6) --++(2,1)--++(2,0)-- ++(2,-1);


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