matrix of nodes,
        row sep=-\pgflinewidth,
        column sep=-\pgflinewidth,
rows /. style={nodes={fill=gray!10, text=black}}


Hello World...
\matrix[table, ampersand replacement=\&] (TabA1)
A1 \& A2 \\
B1 \& B2 \\


I tried this: rows /. style={nodes={fill=gray!10, text=black}} in tikzset but it doesn't work. Also I tried in nodes fill=gray!10 but this also doesn't work?

I cannot believe that there is not something as simple as

row 1 /. style={nodes={fill=gray!10, text=black}}

but for all rows or equivalently all nodes?!?!

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  • You can mark inline code with a leading and trailing ` (as Kurt did in his edit) – Skillmon Aug 16 '17 at 18:54
  • 1
    ? How is what you want different than simply putting these options in the nodes={rectangle, ...} above ?? Maybe you tried and simply did not notice it had worked due to extreme lightness of the fill=gray!10 ...? – marsupilam Aug 16 '17 at 19:02
  • ok I'm sorry... you are actually right -.- I did not notice... – Diger Aug 16 '17 at 19:09
  • Oh well... I guess we learned a valuable lesson in debugging, then ! ;) (to test with actually change-inducing settings, or something like that) – marsupilam Aug 16 '17 at 19:13
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    I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it's based off an erroneous assumption, and misleading as such, solved in the comments, and unlikely to be useful to anybody else. – marsupilam Aug 16 '17 at 19:20

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