I am writing a book in Spanish, and I would like to have the title of the table of contents in Spanish. I have seen there is a translation in the pandoc repo; however, I can't find the way to actually use it. I'm using this for generating the content:

pandoc --template=/home/jmerelo/Libros/curso-git/utils/plantilla-kdp.latex \
   -V mainfont=DroidSans \
   -V lang=es-ES\
   -V documentclass=book\
   -S --latex-engine=xelatex  \
   -o aprendegit-kdp.pdf  \

I have also used lang=spanish, lang=es, to no avail.


You can't just carry over latex templates from old versions to new versions. If the template you are using, in this case plantilla-kdp.latex, was created for and old version of pandoc, if probably does not have some of the new variables, such as these ones. Keep your modifications to the default template in a single place, generate a new template in the way it's explained here: LaTeX and pandoc templates , and copy/paste your modifications to the new template.

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