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How can I have 2 or more distinct indexes in LaTeX?

I would like to have 3 index sections: one for the biological species, second for chemicals and the third for other contents).

The question

  1. is should i have a single index with together two as appendix?
  2. is it possible to have 3 index categories.

In any case, i would like to have an example file with usage.

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    A good start for you would be to look at the imakeidx package manual. Dec 18, 2011 at 16:22
  • @ Torbjorn and Donig, Thanks a lot -Anil
    – Anil
    Dec 18, 2011 at 16:51

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The following post has an answer that describes how to use the multind package

How can I have two or more distinct indexes?

As @egreg mentions in one of his comments, there is also the imakeidx package- below is a MWE taken (pretty much) from the documentation (page 6, just before Section 4)


\makeindex[title=Concept index]
\makeindex[name=persons,title=Index of names,columns=3]


Here is a list of things and people
 \item \LaTeX \index{latex}
 \item Beccari \index[persons]{beccari}
 \item Gregorio \index[persons]{gregorio}

And this is the end of the story.


\indexprologue{\small In this index you’ll find only
famous people’s names}


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