I have an error with the ACM style files (no others - yet) in that the numeric labels -- [1], [2], etc -- in the bibliography are missing.

They appear in the text but the formatted entries in the bibliography, while sorted alphabetically, are missing the numeric labels.

I've created a simple test.tex (attached) and the output (also attached).

With article and llncs style it works fine.


\title{A Taxonomy for Temporal Frequent Pattern Mining} 

Blah blah.  \cite{AASY97}




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    For the record, I can confirm that sigkddExp does number the references (\list{[\arabic{enumi}]}{% ...). – logo_writer Aug 21 '17 at 3:33

The sigkddExp document class -- I found the class file online at http://www.kdd.org/formats/sigkddExp.cls -- contains the following instruction at line 1180:


It doesn't take too much imagination to guess what this instruction achieves: It "gobbles" the numeric label at the start of each formatted entry. That's exactly the issue you've come across.

How to proceed? If you're forced to use the sigkddExp document class, don't do anything, except maybe report the issue to an editor. However, since this document class has persisted unchanged since 1999 (according to the file's header) I wouldn't hold out much hope that anybody in charge will see fit to make a substantive change to the file.

If you think you can get away with a slight modification to the document class file, I suggest you begin by making a copy of sigkddExp.cls; call the new version sigkddExp-bib.cls, say. Next, open sigkddExp-bib.cls in a text editor, jump to line 1180, and comment out the \let\@biblabel\@gobble instruction. Insert a comment somewhere nearby to note that you made a change. If you're a stickler for details (which may well be the case, given that you've posted a query about this issue to this site...), do also provide a paragraph in the file's header to note the date and content of the change you made. This note could be something as simple as

2017/08/21: Commented out the instruction "\let\@biblabel\@gobble"

Finally, change the \documentclass instruction to


and recompile your document.

A full MWE:

enter image description here

@misc{abc,author="Anne B. Cuthor", title="Thoughts", year=3001}

\documentclass{sigkddExp-bib} % modified cls file is in use

Blah blah. \cite{abc}
  • Well, I couldn't imagine the numbering would be gobbled. Nice work! – logo_writer Aug 21 '17 at 5:47

I have the same problem. Just put this



\bibitem{Review}James Franco.

\bibitem{Corden}James Corden.


And this is the Output:


After the @ sign in that line, just put anything to be the label.

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