The following plain TeX manuscript produces (with pdftex) no pages of output and no errors.

\def\mac.#1 #2.{#1}%
\mac. a b.%


I expect it to produce one page of output with the text


If I change the manuscript by replacing the macro's body with Hello, world!, the manuscript produces the expected result: one page of output with the text

Hello, world!

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You have a space after your . here: that's important. TeX is looking for the shortest match to the argument spec, which it can achieve by #1 being empty and that space being the one between #1 and #2. The latter is thus 'a b' (you can see that with for example \showtokens or \tracingall).

Only one parameter in a continuous set can be empty, so with

\def\mac.#1#2 #3.{#1}%

#1 is a (with the space discarded) and you get the output you expect.


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