I've seen numerous ways to move auxiliary files to a given directory via latexmk, or pdflatex (ex. latexmk -auxdir=/tmp <file>). But I am using vimtex with auto-compiling, so that whenever I save my tex file, it is automatically compiled and my pdf viewer (just using evince) is updated too.

What I'd like is for vimtex to create a subdir called aux in whichever directory my current texfile is, and put any of these auxiliary files in there at each compilation -- keeping just my .tex and .pdf file in the working dir. I feel like I should be able to specify this in .latexmkrc but haven't read any mention of specifying such settings there.

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  • There is a vim tag. I've added it. – Henri Menke Aug 22 '17 at 23:39
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    Note that /aux would be a directory in the root of the file system and not the current directory. ./aux or aux is what you mean, I take it. – cfr Jul 29 '18 at 3:51

You can mostly achieve this using vimtex's build_dir setting (see vimtex help :h vimtex_compiler_latexmk and this conversation explaining that "this allows to define an output directory where all generated files are put when compiling".). However, your pdf will also be moved to this directory.

  • Yeah the pdf going to that directory is not ideal. The ideal would be to separate the auxiliary files from the desired, generated pdf file. – RACKGNOME Jul 30 '18 at 17:22

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