I have the code (image below) that I would like to insert in a document. I got it from the Stitz-Zeager Algebra Book, Corrected Edition, first chapter.

I am working in ShareLaTeX and I do not know how to insert the mfpic [10] figure that comes in the code, and which corresponds to the portion of the real number line (third column of the table).

Interval Notation Table

I also use TeXnicCenter but I do not know how to generate the metapost file there, neither in ShareLaTeX.

I know there are another ways to insert or create images by using other packages, but I would like to embed the table as it is. Is there any way to do that?

Here is the code for the first two rows.


\usepackage{import, multicol,boxedminipage}



\begin{tabular}{|c|c|c|} \hline

Set of Real Numbers & Interval Notation &  Region on the Real Number Line  \\ \hline
&  & \\
\shortstack{$\{x\,|\,a<x<b\}$ \\ \hfill}& \shortstack{$(a,b)$ \\ \hfill} & 


\axislabels {x}{{$a\vphantom{b} \hspace{4pt} $} -3, {$b$} 3}

\polyline{(-3,0), (3,0)}
\point[3pt]{(3,0), (-3,0)}

\end{mfpic}  \\ \hline


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    I think that mfpic for those diagrams is overkill. – egreg Aug 23 '17 at 9:13

I think that mfpic is overkill:


  % #1 = a (arrow), c (closed), o (open)
  % #2 = left label
  % #3 = like #1
  % #4 = right label
  $\mathstrut #2$\hfill$#4$



Set of Real Numbers & Interval Notation &  Region on the Real Number Line  \\

$\{x \mid a<x<b\}$ & $(a,b)$ & \graphicinterval{o}{a}{o}{b} \\

$\{x \mid a\le x<b\}$ & $[a,b)$ & \graphicinterval{c}{a}{o}{b} \\

$\{x \mid a<x\le b\}$ & $(a,b]$ & \graphicinterval{o}{a}{c}{b} \\

$\{x \mid a\le x\le b\}$ & $[a,b]$ & \graphicinterval{c}{a}{c}{b} \\

$\{x \mid x<b\}$ & $(-\infty,b)$ & \graphicinterval{a}{}{o}{b} \\

$\{x \mid x\le b\}$ & $(-\infty,b]$ & \graphicinterval{a}{}{c}{b} \\

$\{x \mid x>a\}$ & $(a,\infty)$ & \graphicinterval{o}{a}{a}{} \\

$\{x \mid x\ge a\}$ & $[a,\infty)$ & \graphicinterval{c}{a}{a}{} \\

$\mathbb{R}$ & $(-\infty,\infty)$ & \graphicinterval{a}{}{a}{} \\



enter image description here

  • Your code is so neat and quite brief! Thank you, I appreciate your help! And regarding mfpic, your are right. I think it is very stiff and difficult to manage. It is a shame that all the figures in the Stitz-Zeager book have been created in metapost, so it turns impossible to use them in an own project. – Cragfelt Aug 23 '17 at 21:47

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