How can I mark an angle going clockwise with an arrow in tkz-euclide? For now I have this tikz picture

As you can see the arrow in red should point in the other direction but I haven't found a way to do it. Here is the code




\tkzInterLL(P,P')(O,A) \tkzGetPoint{B}
\tkzDrawX[label=$x$,noticks,right space=0.3,left space=0.3,right=3pt]
\tkzDrawY[label=$y$,noticks,up space=0.3,down space=0.3,above=3pt]
\tkzDrawSegments(O,P O,P')
\tkzLabelAngle[pos=1.5,color=blue](B,O,P) {$\alpha$}
\tkzLabelAngle[pos=1.5,color=red](P',O,B) {$-\alpha$}
\tkzLabelPoints[below right](P')
\tkzLabelPoints[above right](P)
\tkzLabelPoints[below left](O)


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  • Silly me, I tried that but maybe I messed something up and the result was not right. Thank you for your help
    – Emmet
    Aug 24, 2017 at 9:35

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