When dealing with posets, it's common to denote the fact that some object x is smaller than some object y using the notation

x \preceq y

An image of the symbol is given. enter image description here

However, if y is the smallest such element larger than x (we say that y "covers" x), it's common to place a dot inside of the sideways V such as in enter image description here.

Is there a code for such a symbol? I tried drawing this in Detexify, but I had no luck.

  • if this is a common notation, can you give a reference to a published example? (it is best if the example shows the symbol in context and with a clear definition of its meaning.) with such a reference, i am willing to submit it to be considered for addition to unicode. Aug 25, 2017 at 15:13

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If there is not any, why don't you define one?





\[x \preceq y\], \[x \preceqdot y\]
{\large \[x \preceq y\] \[x \preceqdot y\]}
{\Large \[x \preceq y\] \[x \preceqdot y\]}
{\LARGE \[x \preceq y\] \[x \preceqdot y\]}
{\huge \[x \preceq y\] \[x \preceqdot y\]}
{\Huge \[x \preceq y\] \[x \preceqdot y\]}


enter image description here


The height of the centered dot is good for making up the symbol with \prec; we can use this fact for computing the amount of raising needed for \preceq.





$a\precdot b_{\precdot}$

$a\preceqdot b_{\preceqdot}$


Depending on your preferences, you can change the amount of backspacing (now 5mu).

enter image description here


If you need this symbol only in text style and display style, you can define


If you will use it in other math styles, the definition is slight more complicated:

\def\varstyle#1{\mathchoice{\stylenum=0 #1}{\stylenum=1 #1}{\stylenum=2 #1}{\stylenum=3 #1}}

\def\prcdkern{\kern-.\ifcase\stylenum 5\or 5\or 2\or 2\fi em}
\def\prcdraise{\raise.\ifcase\stylenum 22\or 22\or 17\or 14\fi ex}

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