Currently I am working in a template on Overleaf. I decided I wanted to use a different citation style, so I turned this:


into this:


That gave the following warning:

LaTeX Warning: Unused global option(s):
(no line number):
This is BibTeX, Version 0.99d (TeX Live 2016/Debian)
Capacity: max_strings=100000, hash_size=100000, hash_prime=85009
The top-level auxiliary file: report.aux
The style file: my-report.bst
Illegal, another \bibstyle command---line 46 of file report.aux
 : \bibstyle
 :          {ieeetr}
I'm skipping whatever remains of this command
Database file #1: report.bib
You've used 5 entries,
            2773 wiz_defined-function locations,
            635 strings with 6341 characters,
and the built_in function-call counts, 2901 in all, are:
= -- 265
> -- 195
< -- 2
+ -- 65

Now it seems the template already defines a citation style. The programmer in me now wants to go to line 46 in report.aux to look what happens there.

However there is no such file in my entire project. According to this FAQ answer on Overleaf, I need to download an extensive zip-version of the project to see these files. However when I do that, the zip-file again doesn't contain a report.aux file.

So my question is: does this file exist (at any point)? If yes, where do I find this file? If not, where does the warning refer to?

Note: in this question I am not directly interested in the original problem, but specifically in the report.aux file referenced in the warning.


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Update for Overleaf version 2: the menu has changed.

If you need any additional files, you can find them in the compiler panel under "Logs and output files" and "other logs & files".

enter image description here


This post is valid only for Overleaf version 1 (I do not know if it is still used). For Overleaf v2, see the other answer.

As far as I know, the only way to get all the auxliary files is to select Project (if not already displayed) and then DOWNLOAD AS ZIP --> Input and Output Files.

In this way you can download a .zip with all your auxilary files.

Note that you have to use Input and Output Files, not Input Files Only, which is the default if you only click on DOWNLOAD AS ZIP.

enter image description here


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