how could we perform the following footer using fancyhdr package? The rectangle behind page number could be with rounded only in its bottom-right section. I tried using the boxes environments, but they couldn't align with the bottom rule.

enter image description here


Here is a solution with tcolorbox, using removed frames and placing nodes for the Left and Middle footer, the page corner is done with a boxed title style.


    frame hidden,
    attach boxed title to top right={yshift=-\tcboxedtitleheight+0.1pt,xshift=1.25pt},
    borderline north={1pt}{0pt}{yellow},
    boxed title style={sharp corners=north,arc=2mm,frame hidden,colback=yellow,sidebyside},
    title={Page | \thepage},
    interior hidden,
    underlay={\node[below,xshift=10mm] (A) at (interior.north west) {Footer Left};
      \node[below] (C) at (interior.north) {Footer Middle};

enter image description here

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