How do I plot economic type data that has a time series element from a CSV? For example:

Date GDP
2009 6
2010 3
2011 4
2012 7

See for example section 3.3 in the pgfplots manual.

There are a lot of of examples in the manual, so it's not just a handy reference, sometimes scrolling through it looking at examples can be a way of finding answers.

output of code

% remove comma in xticklabels
xticklabel style={/pgf/number format/set thousands separator={}},
% one tick every year
xtick distance=1
\addplot table {
Date GDP
2009 6
2010 3
2011 4
2012 7
% if you have the file, you can do
% \addplot table {datafile.csv};

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