I have to recreate a horrible page layout from a WYSIWIG template, so that I can at least use LaTeX. The page layout shall be used in a larger document, so no individual documentstyle shall be used. The template is shown here:

enter image description here

The key features are:

  • A heading ("Abstract")
  • A couple of organizational informations (first 5 table rows)
  • Rest of the table is running text
  • The running text cell can span up to 2 pages
  • The cells of the running text shall span until the bottom of the page unaffected by the actual amount of text
    • If running text only fills one page, you have the first 5 rows and the running text cell until the bottom of the first page
    • If running text is 2 pages long, page 2 basically has a frame around the whole page

I don't really have an idea where to start. I could use ltxtable but do not know how to - get a page break within the running text cell and - stretch the border to the bottom of the page.

Any suggestions? Is a framed page maybe the better solution?






Info1:  & Data1  \\
Info2:  & Long Data2  \\
Info3:  & Data3  \\
Info4:  & Data4  \\
Info5:  & Data5  \\
% Actual text:
\multicolumn{2}{X}{\blindtext[5]}       \\



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