I am using datetime to automatically generate a schedule. The MWE at the moment allows me to list weeks (and dates of the beginning and the end of each weak). But I would like to combine this with specific meeting dates. So for instance, where I have:

Week 1, 09/04--09/08

Week 2, 09/11--09/15

I would like to include the specific dates for each week, e.g.:

Week 1, 09/04--09/08

  • Tuesday 09/06
  • Thursday 09/08

Week 2, 09/11--09/15

  • Tuesday 09/12
  • Thursday 09/14

I know how to generate both listing by date, and listing by week separately, but I'm not sure if I can combine the two, as above. Here's a MWE:

    \usepackage[mmddyyyy]{datetime}% http://ctan.org/pkg/datetime
    \usepackage{advdate}% http://ctan.org/pkg/advdate
         \newsavebox{\MONDAY}\savebox{\MONDAY}{Mon}% Mon
         \paragraph*{\kern-2ex\quad #1, \syldate{\today} -         \AdvanceDate[4]\syldate{\today}:}% Set heading  \quad #1


    \week{Week 01} 

    \week{Week 02}


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