I am creating worksheets and I would like to have multiple rows with 2 columns. I would like the numbering to go horizontally, i.e.,

1. math problem              2. math problem
3. math problem              4. math problem
5. math problem              6. math problem
7. math problem              8. math problem

I am working in the article class (although I need this for the exam class as well) and have been playing around with array/tabular, minipage, and creating my own commands... I am still new at this, thank you for your patience.

\usepackage{amsmath,amsfonts,amssymb,graphicx,mathtools,flexisym, array, multirow, tabularx, enumitem, multicol}



\subsection{Finding Limits Analytically}
When a function is defined and continuous at a value $x=a$, how can $\lim 
\limits_{x\to a} f(x)$ be found analytically?
    \mpart $\lim \limits_{x\to 3} \dfrac{1}{2}x^2-2x+3$
    \mpart $\lim \limits_{x\to 3} \dfrac{5x+2}{2x-3}$
    \mpart $\lim \limits_{x\to 2^{-}} \dfrac{\sqrt{x+2}-1}{x+1}$
    \mpart $\lim \limits_{\theta \to \frac{\pi}{2}} \sin{2\theta}$

As you can see, the numbering goes vertically down as I add more problems. While this is largely cosmetic, I'd like to know how to change it to look they way I'd prefer it to look.

I also don't know how to insert an image here. But the format looks generally like this:

1. math problem          3. math problem
2. math problem          4. math problem

Many thanks!

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    \usepackage{tasks} and \begin{tasks}(2) \task...\end{tasks} instead of the mpart, i.e. \task is what \mpart does (effectively), but in an horizontal sweep, (2) means '2 columns' here
    – user31729
    Aug 30 '17 at 20:06

Make use of


    %you can edit the style to "itemize" for bullets
    %you can change the number from '2' to any number of columns you would like


          \item item 1
          \item item 2
          \item item 3
          \item item 4


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