I'm hoping someone can help me tex something like the following in a clean manner:

enter image description here

Namely, two "collections" contained within braces, both collections having two lines, and containing both text and symbols. I haven't been able to find anything along these line on this site, possibly only because it is unclear what to search for.

(I apologize if it is bad manners to include a picture, this is my first time using TexStackExchange)

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Like one of these solutions?

\usepackage{mathtools, bigstrut}

\[ \set*{\begin{tabular}{@{}l@{}}\bigstrut[t]Principal\\$ \GL_N(\mathbf{R}) $-bundles\end{tabular}} =\set*{\bigstrut[t]\begin{tabular}{@{}l@{}}Real Vector Bundles\\of rank $N$ \end{tabular}} \]%

\[ \begin{Bmatrix*}[l]
 \bigstrut[t]\text{Principal}\\ \GL_N(\mathbf{R})\text{-bundles}
\end{Bmatrix*} = \begin{Bmatrix*}\bigstrut[t]\text{Real Vector Bundles}\\ \text{of rank }N \end{Bmatrix*}\]%


enter image description here

  • That looks excellent, thanks! In general, is there a way to center everything in one of these braces? For example, the lefthand sides look slightly asymmetric.
    – Benighted
    Aug 31, 2017 at 2:48
  • @StephenPietromonaco: Yes, there's a way: add a \bigstrut[t] to the first line. It will add to this line height a length of \bigstrutjot (default 2pt). Please take a look at my updated answer.
    – Bernard
    Aug 31, 2017 at 11:02

Done here with \stackanchors.

 \right\} \longleftrightarrow \left\{
   \stackanchor{Real Vector Bundles}{of rank $N$}

enter image description here

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