I wish to include a question/solution bank at the end of the chapter. I want to be able to control its printing via a single comment/uncomment operation. The MWE is an article but my intention is to produce a collection of books with 30+ chapters each. All the books share a common preamble file.

The questions are to be printed as a two column multicol. I am using a conditional compilation as outlined in [ How to easily write conditional pages? ] I dont claim to understand it, but it has worked for me so far. The only problem I face is when nesting it inside a \newenvironment.

In particular, there are two problems (indicated in the MWE with PROB-1 and PROB-2 tags) I face here -

  1. Nesting multicol in a new environment qbank throws up compilation error. But nesting multicol in a \newenvironment[quescol] and nesting quescol in qbank seems to work. Which puzzles me. In any case I can possibly live with it but would still like to know the real reason.
  2. The conditional compilation scheme does not work as desired. The MWE compiles correctly but I cannot comment out \SelectPartsForCompilation{queb} as desired. I cannot put \DeclareCompilationNameOfBlock[queb] outside \begin{qbank} block as qbank is in literally 100s of chapters (each in a separate file).

Actually nesting this conditional compilation scheme in any \newenvironment does produce a mess. PS: In my real documents there are several more compile tags besides queb.


    \pgfkeys@temptoks{#2}\expandafter\xdef\csname pgfk@#1\endcsname{\the\pgfkeys@temptoks}

\pgfkeys{/DeclareCompilationNameOfLine/.is family,/DeclareCompilationNameOfLine,

    \foreach \key in {#1}{\pgfkeys{/DeclareCompilationNameOfLine,set/\key} }
    \foreach \key in {#1,all} {
            \ifnum\temp=1\global\PrintCommenttrue\fi% print if key=1

\NewEnviron{DeclareCompilationNameOfBlock}[1][]{\MakeSelection{#1}\ifPrintComment\BODY\fi }

\newenvironment{quescol}{ % PORB-1 :: I am forced to use this clunky envirnoment
    } {

            \textbf{\textit{\LARGE Question Bank}}
        \quescol % PROB-1 :: if I directly use \begin{multicols}{2}, i get compliation error
    } {

% PROB-2 :: If I comment out the follwing line, it throws up a compilation error
\SelectPartsForCompilation{queb} % comment this line for not including the question bank in PDF

    \section{first} Text of first
    \section{second} Text of second
    \section{third} Text of third

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