I have a two column document and wish to put a excerpt of a page from a pdf document in one column. Is it possible with pdfpages?

My code:

\documentclass[paper = a4, paper = landscape, pagesize, twocolumn]{scrartcl}
\usepackage[margin = 5mm, bottom = 25mm]{geometry}


    \item[Reaktionskraefte werden wie folgt bestimmt]\mbox{}
      \item\textsc{Lagrange}-Funktion aufstellen.
      \item Zwangsbedingungen aufstellen.
      \item Bewegungsgleichungen aufstellen.
      \includepdf[pages = 9, noautoscale, trim = 106mm 19mm 20mm 107mm, clip]{EM_VL_skript_1314}
    \item[Fuer die potentielle Energie]gilt allgemein $U = mgh$, mit Masse $m$, Erdbeschleunigung $g$ und Hoehe $h$ ueber dem Nullniveau.


The result, page one:result_Seite_1 And page two:result_Seite_2 The result I wish:wished_result The pdf document.

Thank you for your effort in advance!


Instead of including the page using pdfpages's \includepdf, use the regular \includegraphics with the page key-value:

enter image description here




  \item[First description item] \mbox{}
    \item First enumerate item
    \item Second enumerate item
    \item Third enumerate item

      \includegraphics[page = 2, width=\linewidth]{lipsum50}


  \item[Second description item]
    Some more text.


Note that graphicx doesn't provide the noautoscale option. However, it supports trim, clip (and others).

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  • Hello @Werner! That's an easy one! Thank you! – Su-47 Sep 6 '17 at 3:08

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