I'm looking for a way to use color in qcircuit (based on xy-pic). I'd like to be able to add a background color for a gate, and for a gategroup. For exemple, how can I change this code:


\Qcircuit @C=1em @R=1em {
& \ctrl{2} & \qw & \gate{H} & \ctrl{1} &
\gate{H} & \qw \\
& \qw & \ctrl{1} & \gate{H} & \targ &
\gate{H} & \qw \\
& \targ & \targ & \gate{Z} & \qw & \ctrl{-1} &
\qw \gategroup{1}{4}{2}{6}{.7em}{-}

so that it produces something like that:

enter image description here

Thank you !


There is no convenient way to do this using Qcircuit and Xy-pic. I generally use the pgf package to draw colored boxes behind the regions of the circuit of interest. Aligning the colors precisely with the circuit elements is a pain, but it can be done as shown below:

enter image description here

This was typeset using the following code:

\input{Qcircuit}% using  Qcircuit version 2.5
    \Qcircuit @C=1em @R=1em {
        & \ctrl{2} & \qw & \gate{H} & \ctrl{1} & \gate{H} & \qw \\
        & \qw & \ctrl{1} & \gate{H} & \targ & \gate{H} & \qw \\
        & \targ & \targ & \gate{Z} & \qw & \ctrl{-1} & \qw

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