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In my references (the library is automatically produced by Mendeley) I have a paper "Abc", which I refer to quite a lot. At one point I need to refer to a specific section in this paper (or a page, it doesn't matter). Is there a way to do that? Something like: "in Abc, section 3.2" or "in Abc, page 15".


  author = {Alphabet, A.},
  year = {1990},
  title = {Abc},
  publisher = {My Publisher},


I think that the model described in \cite{abc}, chapter 3.2, is awesome.


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    Is \cite[page 15]{abc} close enough to what you are looking for? – user36296 Sep 8 '17 at 16:36

The answer was provided by @samcarter:

\cite[page 15]{abc}.
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