I'm trying to easily plot with pgfplots some python outputs. I really don't like the matplotlib2tikz default behavior, which is to copy the default parameters of matplotlib, and I can't find how to override it. I would like to have my basic axis, so all the custom config would be in my \pgfplotsset{}.

So I did some basic functions in python, and I call them with sagetex. I like this package because I can load all the imports and access to the results anywhere in the document. It almost works perfectly, except with babel and the french options. Here is a MWE :


\usepackage[french]{babel}     %<--- Any one of these make it fail
%\usepackage[frenchb]{babel}   %<--- This 
%\usepackage[francais]{babel}  %<--- This 

%\usepackage[english]{babel}   %<--- But this one is okay.

%Import python function

############## python code
def addplot_coordinates(*args, **kwargs):
  if len(kwargs) is 0:
    code = [r'\addplot coordinates {']
    code = [r'\addplot[']
    for key, value in kwargs.items():
      code.append('  {0} = {1},'.format(key, str(value)))
    code.append('  ] coordinates {')
  while True:
      value = [str(x.pop()) for x in args]
    except IndexError:
    line = '    ( ' + ' , '.join(value) + ' )'
  code.append(r'} ;')
  return '\n'.join(code)

# Print a test in standard output during sage compilation to be sure it works
print(addplot_coordinates([1,3,2,4], [2,5,3,2], draw='black'))
############## end of python code



      % This plot works fine
        draw = blue,
        ] coordinates {
          ( 4 , 2 ) ( 2 , 1 ) ( 3 , 2 ) ( 1 , 1 )
      } ;

      % This plots fails
      \sagestr{addplot_coordinates([1,2,3,4], [4,3,4,3], draw='red')}


Used without babel, or with the english option, it compiles (pdflatex, sage, pdflatex). But with one of the french options, I have this error during the 2nd pdflatex compilation:

Runaway argument?
 ;{}{}{}\null \fi \@safe@activesfalse \end {NoHyper}\@ifundefined {r@\ETC.
! File ended while scanning use of \pgfplots@addplotimpl@coordinates.
<inserted text> 
<*> TestBug.tex

I have found something in the SageTex manual about the NoHyper environment (p. 22), saying that there have been a problem, but I don't understand it as if I should protect my code with something.

It may worth mentioning that everything is fine as long as :

  • I do not invoke a \addplot command
  • I use an other babel option

Does any one have a clue on what might happen ? Plus, I'm totally fine with coding this pgf-python interface, since it will give me a lot of control on what I do, but feel free to advise me a better way.

Thank you for you time !

  • see if you add \usetikzlibrary{babel} before or after\usepackage{pgfplots} helps to resolve your problem.
    – Zarko
    Sep 9, 2017 at 19:34
  • As you suggested, I added \usetikzlibrary{babel} after \pgfplotsset{compat=1.13} and the errors disappeared.
    – DJP
    Sep 10, 2017 at 2:17
  • Yes, it does solve the problem. Thank you. So I tried to understand why, and it was simply the ;. A \shorthandoff{;} removes the compilation fail. Should I add an answer ?
    – Oca
    Sep 10, 2017 at 2:39
  • of course you should :), actually, you already done :-) :-)
    – Zarko
    Sep 10, 2017 at 11:30

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In fact, it was just a simple babel-tikz problem.

As suggested in the comments by Zarko, adding:


solves the problem.

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