I find the Computer Modern font to be a little too wide, in my document, when making bold text. I found a solution though,

Instead of

\textbf{This font is bold.}

I can do

\scalebox{.8}[1.0]{\textbf{This text is bold and narrower.}}

For simplicity's and habit's sake when writing, I wish to set up a rule so that every time I type \textbf{} a substitution to \scalebox{.8}[1.0]{\textbf{}} is made.

Can this be done?


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Scaling that font has lots of unwanted effects, preventing the white space from stretching, preventing linebreaking (not to mention distorting the font shape).

If you shrink by 80% the bold font is narrower than the standard font which is rather odd.

By default latex uses bx (bold extended) with computer modern, but there is also a b (bold non-extended) variant that you may prefer, as shown in the last example.




This text is bold and narrower.

\scalebox{.8}[1.0]{\textbf{This text is bold and narrower.}}

\textbf{This text is bold and narrower.}

\renewcommand\bfdefault{b}% rather than bx

\textbf{This text is bold and narrower.}

  • I agree. 80% was a tad too much, plus I didn't know about the unwanted effects. The suggested bold non-extended is perfect!
    – E. l4d3
    Sep 9, 2017 at 19:09
  • @EirikL. \scalebox is like \mbox so it puts everything in an unbreakable box Sep 9, 2017 at 19:12

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