In my thesis that I'm writing using LyX 2.1.4 I'd like to include a section with references to my own publications in specific manual order and with paragraphs describing the content. Current I know only how to \cite these publications, but not how to insert the full reference as how it looks like in the generated Bibliography. Ideally and naively, I would like to use a command like \print{exampleKey}

I use BibDesk for bibliography management, having two bib files: 1) "bibliography.bib" for general citations and 2) "own-bibliography.bib" for own publications. I'm able to separate the references under different headings in Bibliography section, using bibtex.

Current LYX minimal sample file: https://gist.github.com/paveljasek/77ece95b897e89c885f8354dc6086fd9

How I want the section to look like: required state

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Use biblatex and not the old BibTeX. An example with xelatex and Unicode:

my work: \fullcite{aksin}


enter image description here

needs xelatex - biber - xelatex However, LyX should do it by default. You can enable the use of Biber in the configurations.

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