I am creating tables from a csv file by using "csvsimple" package. The "autotabular" option is included, so that I don't have to manually count the number of cells and manually set the cell alignment. Whenever there is a "\" in the first row of the file, it does not work; at the same time, the backslash does not cause any issue when put in the other parts of the csv file. Please help.

My code is:





%full filter=\ifcsvstrcmp{\csvcoliv}{m}{\csvfilteraccept}{\csvfilterreject}

  • The documentation (section 5.3) states that If needed, the data file may contain macro code. Note that the first character of a data line is not allowed to be the backslash ’\’. This is probably a related issue. – Marijn Sep 14 '17 at 11:24

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