I'm hoping someone out there can help me. I am trying to create a paper in ShareLatex using the APA format. Here's what I'm trying to do:

I want my images to be within the text of the paper most of the time, and because of this, I use the floatsintext parameter in the documentclass. This seems to work well. However, there are times where I would like to be able to have the image placed at the end of the paper as an appendix, which is the default APA style, but when I use floatsintext, it overrides the default. Is there a command to say "don't use floatsintext, instead use the default of the template for this one instance?"

I thought perhaps if I got rid of the floatsintext, and then used an [H] for the image placement I could override the default APA and get the image to go where I put it in the paper, but no such luck.

HELP! There has to be a way. I would have thought I could get rid of floatsintext, and somehow there was a parameter with the includegraphics command that says "ignore the APA style default this time, and just put the image RIGHT HERE" - but if that exists, I can't seem to figure it out.

Here is a URL of a sample.


Ideally, I'd like the elephant to be inline with the text (as it is), and the puppy to be at the end of the paper (APA default). Thank you for your help!


  • \includegraphics does not need any such option as the graphic never moves it is just positioned the same way as a letter such as x. Presumably you have graphic in a figure environment. The only purpose of figure is to move its content. So just \includegraphics the elephant and put the puppy in a figure environment. – David Carlisle Sep 18 '17 at 18:41
  • This is great! Thank you, David! So here's a follow-up then. If you follow the above link I made the change per your recommendations. If I want a caption/label for the graphic, is there a way to make that happen? I see that the \caption doesn't work for the \includegraphics, but I would like some way to label my graphic for the reader. – Corrine Sep 18 '17 at 19:42
  • With includegraphics outside a figure environment you can use a \captionof{figure}{your caption} command from caption (or just capt-of) package. (see your example on Sharelatex) – Ignasi Oct 4 '17 at 16:52

I think the suggestion in the comment is kind of a hack.

I would rather put the additional figures in an appendix and use floatsintext in the options as you suggested yourself:

% the other stuff
% first figure, will be in text because of floatsintext
% more stuff
% after bibliography, we set up an appendix
% first appendix by using \section
\section{Additional figures}
% second figure

Here is the complete version: https://www.sharelatex.com/project/59d5067c8e70fc7b98c76e1d

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