I have three vectors f, min(D_{T_{f}}) and max(D_{E_{f}}). These vectors are as follows:

   f=[\begin{matrix} 11&15&19&23 \end{matrix}],

min(D_{T_{f}})=[\begin{matrix} 1&0.5&1.9&1.3 \end{matrix}],
max(D_{E_{f}})=[\begin{matrix} 2&.75&2.6&.5 \end{matrix}]

Is it possible to plot min(D_{T_{f}}) vs f and max(D_{E_{f}}) vs f, both in one plot? I have used Maple, but indices can not be shown in legend. Is it possible to use Maple and then write legend in \Latex?

Thanks in advance


Probably the most popular package for plotting is pgfplots, and while there are dozens of example around, here is yet another one.

output of code

f min max
11 1  2
15 0.5 0.75
19 1.9 2.6
23 1.3 0.5
  legend pos=north west
  \addplot table[x=f,y=min] {\fminmax};
  \addplot table[x=f,y=max] {\fminmax};

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