\raggedbottom       %reduce underfull \vbox

\usepackage{titlesec, titletoc}
\titleformat{\part}[frame]{\normalfont\huge\bfseries}{\partname\ \thepart }{20pt}{\Huge\centering}

 %This is my trial!!!!!I also try to change \chaptername to \chaptertitlename

%customize page layout
\usepackage[a4paper, left=3cm, right=3cm]{geometry}


%page headers and footers   left,right,odd,even

% add mini-ta­bles-of-con­tents (mini­tocs) at the be­gin­ning of ev­ery chap­ter, part or sec­tion.

%revise\@endpart macro

\title{\Huge C++ Notes}

%initialize minitoc



\chapter{Getting Started}
    \section{Writing a Simple C++ Program}
        \subsection{Compiling and Executing Our Program}
    \section{A First Look at Input/Output}
    \section{A Word about Comments}
    \section{Flow of Control}
        \subsection{The while Statement}
        \subsection{The for Statement}
        \subsection{Reading an Unknown Number of Inputs}
        \subsection{The if Statement}
    \section{Introducing Classes}   
        \subsection{The Sales\_item Class}
        \subsection{A First Look at Member Functions}
    \section{The Bookstore Program}
    \section*{Chapter Summary} \markright{Chapter Summary} \addcontentsline{toc}{section}{Chapter Summary}
    \section*{Defined Terms} \markright{Defined Terms} \addcontentsline{toc}{section}{Defined Terms}

\part{The Basics}
\chapter{Variables and Basic Types}
    \section{Primitive Built-in Types}
        \subsection{Arithmetic Types}
        \subsection{Type Conversions}

\chapter{The Library}

\chapter{New features in C++11}


I want to add "Chapter" and chapter label before each chapter(within mainmatter) in table of contents, such as "Chapter 1 Getting Started","Chapter 2 Variables and Basic Types". However, my code always adds "Chapter" before chapter within backmatter.

enter image description here

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{\chaptername\ \thecontentslabel\enskip}{}% <- changed

to insert "Chapter" and the chapter label for numbered chapters:

enter image description here

Note that there are warnings regarding the incompatibility of minitoc and titlesec.


This did the trick for me: using your MWE, in the snippet which you entilted 'your trial', add {\chaptername\ \thecontentslabel:\quad} in front of {\chaptername} (where before you had {}).

{\chaptername\ \thecontentslabel:\quad}{\chaptername~}

This leads to:

enter image description here

Of course, you can change some details, e.g. remove \quad in case you don't like the space after the colon etc.

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