As in the title: can we create additional lines in the showframe option from the package geometry in order to create a new frame that suits our needs?

Essentially I am looking for a way to see how I am setting a cover page for a book. That is, I have frontcover, backcover, and spine all on the same page set with geometry (hence, it looks like a landscape page).

The problems is that I would like to see where the spine and where all margins (left, right, top, down) are in order to see how to properly compose the page.

PS: Observe that there is a question around where it is explained how to modify geometryto behave properly with the landscape option, but that does not work here, since I did not set it landscape.

  • Can you explain your requirement in brief? Else provide some sample image what you need to do... – MadyYuvi Sep 20 '17 at 9:01
  • You should definitely not use the geometry package to frame a page (which seems like a layout decision). Better try some overlays, which you could simply adjust to your needs. But without seeing what you're trying to do, it is hard to help you. – TeXnician Sep 20 '17 at 9:04
  • have a look at package fancybox ctan.org/tex-archive/macros/latex/contrib/fancybox – user2478 Sep 20 '17 at 9:07
  • 1
    @Kolmin Hope the package zwpagelayout.sty may use to you for creating cover pages... – MadyYuvi Sep 20 '17 at 9:53
  • 1
    @MadyYuvi From the first page of the documentation, this is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks a lot! – Kolmin Sep 20 '17 at 12:06

The package zwpagelayout.sty may fit for creating cover pages in LaTeX...please check the same...

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