I can remove section numbering by using \section*{My Title for the Section}.

I can provide an optional heading for \nameref by using \section[Section Title]{My Title for the Section}.

But I can't seem to combine them:

\section*[Section Title]{My Title for the Section}
\section[Section Title]*{My Title for the Section}

Both break stuff:

\section*[Section Title]{My Title for the Section} \section[Section Title]*{My Title for the Section}

How can I give a section an alternative heading and prohibit numbering?

A minimal working example of what I want would be:

\section*[Section Title]{My Title for the Section}

Referring to the \nameref{sec:title} section.


Referring to the Section Title section.


You could use \addcontentsline to add the short title to ToC.

I think you could modify \@currentlabelname to set the short title instead of the long one.

I have also created a macro with the help of this Werner's post.


    \mysection[Short title]{Long title}\label{sec:title}
    A section without number with a long title and a short one. 
    \mysection{No need short title}\label{sec:anothertitle}
    A section without number with one title only.
    \section{Normal section}
    Name reference to the short title of the first section: \nameref{sec:title}.

    Name reference
    to the title of the second section: \nameref{sec:anothertitle}.

enter image description here

  • While I did mention table of contents in my post (will edit that out now for clarity), my main purpose is to get \nameref{sec:title} to work properly. So good try, but no. Sorry for not being clear. – lindhe Sep 21 '17 at 7:23
  • No. In your example, I want \nameref{sec:title} to produce "Short title". – lindhe Sep 21 '17 at 8:13
  • I think this is about as good as we'll get. I'm a bit disappointed that there seems to be no easy way around this, but after looking around some I think this is one of the better ways to go at it. Thanks. – lindhe Sep 21 '17 at 17:46
  • @lindhe Maybe with KOMA is easier... thank you for accepting my answer! – CarLaTeX Sep 21 '17 at 18:00

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