I have a picture inside a wrapfigure that I wish to have alongside a section.




\section{Section title}



enter image description here

Unfortunately, the picture only starts at the beginning of the paragraph, and I want its top to be at the top of the section's title:

enter image description here

How to achieve this? I only have found answers to have the picture alongside of the title, but not next to both the title and the paragraph.


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Here is a simple example solution:

\vspace{-15pt} \leavevmode\section{Section title}

Here, \leavevmode overwrites the default effect of \section, which does not work with wrapfigure nicely. But \leavevmode effectively creates a box with some space above the title. The wrapfigure start position is anchored at the start of the box. To counter it, \vspace{-15pt} is to move up the box position by 15pt, while \setlength\intextsep{12pt} is to move down the figure relative to the box position by 12pt. Tweak these numbers to see their effects and adjust them if necessary.

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