Trying to get inverse search working with Texlipse and Sumatra with Eclipse Oxygen(4.7.0) on Windows 10. Setup requires knowing where the texlipse plugin is located. The only possibility I can see is "C:\Users\jon\eclipse\java-oxygen\eclipse\plugins" but there's no texlipse.jar file there. The only file there is an "org.eclipse.equinox.launcher___.jar" file. Thanks for any help. --- jon

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Solved!! "C:\Users\jon\.p2\pool\plugins\net.sourceforge.texlipse_1.5.0\texlipse.jar". Inverse search works. This is for my machine --- yours might be different! I found the location by looking around in the eclipse directory and found "java-oxygen\eclipse\configuration\org.eclipse.equnox.simpleconfigurator\bundlies.info" which has a long list of plugins. --- jon


In common with most editors SumatraPDF is best not configured as DDE but use the much simpler reliable CLI mode thus for Eclipse with TeXlipse the inverse search is simply = "drive:\path to editor\eclipse.exe" " %f:"%l obviously you need to change drive:\path to your own and keep the " marks.

Equally the forward search is simplified to nothing in DDE fields (If eclipse pops up a DDE error, raise that issue with eclipse team. Were not using DDE) You simply set up a new profile to the SumatraPDF.exe as per this screen shot the main difference is a very simple -forward-search "%texfile" %line %file this will go to any of the included source files from the one compiled pdf. In the screen shot its from the included article to page 3 and back again (the page 2/3 is because were not in page mode)

enter image description here

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