I'd like to implement icons like those in the figure below to denote, for instance, the level of satisfaction of a certain requirement.

enter image description here

I didn't find such icons in any icon pack. I also tried \mathrel but the circles are not perfectly concentric at the end. How can i solve?

Moreover, is there a way to create them deciding the ratio between the black circle and the white one?

Thank you in advance.

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Package-free approach:



I hate it \like{0} \like{1} \like{2} \like{3} \like{4} \like{5} 
\like{6} \like{7} \like{8} \like{9} \like{10}  I love it

How about this:

The command \satisfaction takes one parameter, which has to be a number from 0 to 4. And with the optional parameter, the color can be set. It scales with fontsize. And without optional parameter it takes the surrounding color.

enter image description here

The code:


        \draw[#1] (0,0) circle (0.5\satdiameter);
        \fill[#1] (0,0) circle (\satlevel);
M \satisfaction{0} M \satisfaction{1} M \satisfaction{2} M \satisfaction{3} M \satisfaction{4} M

M \satisfaction[blue]{0} M \satisfaction[blue]{1} M \satisfaction[blue]{2} M \satisfaction[blue]{3} M \satisfaction[blue]{4} M

{\Huge M \satisfaction[red]{0} M \satisfaction[red]{1} M \satisfaction[red]{2} M \satisfaction[red]{3} M \satisfaction[red]{4} M}

{\scriptsize M \satisfaction[cyan]{0} M \satisfaction[cyan]{1} M \satisfaction[cyan]{2} M \satisfaction[cyan]{3} M \satisfaction[cyan]{4} M}

\textcolor{green}{M \satisfaction{0} M \satisfaction{1} M \satisfaction{2} M \satisfaction{3} M \satisfaction{4} M}


A pstricks solution. I define 5 commands with an optional argument, the radius of the outer circle, which defaults to 0.75 em. You can change it via the key satradius. The colour (default: black) is changed with \psset{linecolor=some_colour}:

\documentclass[border=3pt, x11names]{standalone}
\usepackage{pstricks-add, cellspace}


\psset{linecolor=Coral2, satradius=0.67em}
    \vlsat & Very low \\[2pt]
           & Low \\[2pt]
    \msat & Medium \\[2pt]
    \hsat & High \\[2pt]
    \vhsat & Very High \\[2pt]


enter image description here

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