I want to install mathrsfs in my portable TeX Live installation, but tlmgr could not find the font/package. I managed to find it (I think) here. The contents of the archive can be browsed here.

This question's answers about manual font installation are completely unclear to me. Which files do I use and where do I put them? I'm not putting them in TEXMFHOME because, as I said, this is a portable installation. Do I have to run some kind of program to register them with the installation?

  • How did you install TeXLive? from tug.org/texlive or from the systems repository (Ubuntu et al)? – user2478 Oct 1 '17 at 20:03

if you use tlmgr info mathrsfs you should get

$ tlmgr info mathrsfs
tlmgr: cannot find package mathrsfs, searching for other matches:

Packages containing `mathrsfs' in their title/description:
rsfs - Ralph Smith's Formal Script font

Packages containing files matching `mathrsfs':

so I would assume

tlmgr install jknapltx rsfs

would install the needed files.

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  • One can also install rsfso which is an (improved?) version by Michael Sharpe. – norbert Oct 1 '17 at 23:25

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