I'm writing a document using one of the default document class (i.e. no changes to the default fonts). I want my $\text{lpos}$ not to look so much like $1\text{pos}$ ... can I somehow get an l which is either a bit rounded, or perhaps, say, a top serif to the left and a bottom serif to the right (but not in italic font)? Or anything that doesn't look like a 1, really. I can't use $\ell$, that's too much unlike the rest of the text.

by the way, it looks like this question is relevant not just to Computer Modern:


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    this is going to be a consideration with just about every serif font in modern use. the tugboat article "Oh, oh, zero!" by chuck bigelow touches on it to some degree, and you might be able to find some useful examples there. Oct 2, 2017 at 15:24

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You could use the \textrtaill symbol from the tipa package. It's longer than a lower-case l so it has to be resized with \resizebox*.

enter image description here

Here's the code:




1pos lpos \el pos

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