I'm rather new to TeX and got it working, but letting it look nice is a different can of worms :-)
I'm using llncs and hyperref. My numbering scheme at the moment is the default, like

part: III Experimental...
sec: 5 Results...
subsec: 5.1 Features...
subsub: method foo...

Is it possible to pimp hyperref so \autoref gives instead

part: 3 Experimental...
sec: 3.5 Results...
subsec: 3.5.1 Features...
subsub: method foo...

If it is necessary to move down part to section and define a \subsubsubsection, that wouldn't hurt. If I need a different package, neither.


Your question is about the numbering of sectioning headers and not really related to the hyperref package.

Since you're using the llncs document class, all you need to do is provide the following instructions in the preamble:

\setcounter{secnumdepth}{3} % to enable showing of subsubsection-level numbers

A full MWE (with optional use of the cross-referencing capabilities of the cleveref package):

enter image description here



\usepackage[noabbrev,nameinlink]{cleveref} % optional


\part{Experimental \dots}  \label{part:exp}

\section{Results \dots}  \label{sec:results}

\subsection{Features \dots}  \label{sec:features}

\subsubsection{Method foo \dots}  \label{sec:method}
Bla bla bla \dots


Crossreferences to \autoref{part:exp} and \autoref{sec:results}, 
\autoref{sec:features} and \autoref{sec:method}.

Crossreferences to \cref{part:exp,sec:results,sec:features,sec:method}.
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