Tried including user-manual reading but...

\glsdisp[format=textbf]{arts:FourHorsemen}{Four Horsemen}



\glsdisp[format=textbf]{arts:FourHorsemen}{Four Horsemen}
\printglossary[type=arts, nonumberlist=false, style=index]

Does remove the hyperlink from the page number at the glossary back into the text (the other, not formated bold entries still have their hyperlinks). Guess I am missing something trivial so after two hourse reading, searching and trying... please!

no MWE because because I guess that makes little sense with xindy and custom glossaries?

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    Try format=hyperbf instead. Commented Oct 7, 2017 at 12:46

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The default format glsnumberformat includes a hyperlink (if enabled). If you change the format to textbf the hyperlink is lost. The glossaries package provides analogous formats to textbf etc called hyperbf etc that include a hyperlink. If you don't include hyperref these just behave like the text... version. The full list of hyper... formats is given in Table 6.1 (Predefined Hyperlinked Location Formats) of the glossaries user manual, copied below:

  • hyperrm serif hyperlink
  • hypersf sans-serif hyperlink
  • hypertt monospaced hyperlink
  • hyperbf bold hyperlink
  • hypermd medium weight hyperlink
  • hyperit italic hyperlink
  • hypersl slanted hyperlink
  • hyperup upright hyperlink
  • hypersc small caps hyperlink
  • hyperemph emphasized hyperlink

In general it's simpler to always use these formats instead of textbf etc as then you won't need to make any changes if you decided to add hyperref. (The \hyper... commands corresponding to these format values are designed specifically for locations, and shouldn't be used elsewhere in the document.)

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