I am writing a letter of motivation by using the document class scrlttr2. In my letter foot I want my address and phone number to appear. Is there a way I can change the predefined symbols?

My code:


\usepackage{fontspec} % Allows font customization
\usepackage{marvosym} % Allows the use of symbol





\setkomavar{firsthead} {
{\fontsize{18}{18}\selectfont Letter of Motivation}\\[1mm]
\fontsize{12}{12}\selectfont LM} 

\renewcommand{\\}{\ {\textperiodcentered}\ }
{\Letter} \usekomavar{fromemail} \ {\Telefon} \usekomavar{fromphone}}

\setkomavar{subject}{Position Title}
\opening{Dear Recruiter,}
Content goes here.

\closing{Sincerely yours,}


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    What's your problem? If you want to replace the symbols at your own foot definition just use another symbol font and replace, e.g., \Telefon by the symbol of that font. You may also replace it by an \includegraphics command. If you want to replace the symbols at the predefined letter head (e.g., the sender block) you may have a look at option symbolicnames, which changes the defaults of the description of phoneseparator etc. You can change them to whatever you want using \setkomavar*. – Schweinebacke Oct 8 '17 at 12:03
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Enabling the display of your phone number

To let your phone number be displayed, you need to add the option fromphone (idem for frommail, etc.) to the document class declaration:


Note that you can switch this option on later, using following command in your preamble:


Customizing the symbol preceding your phone number

By default, the scrlttr2 class uses marvosym symbols (see §4.10. Note Paper in the documentation -- more exactly on p. 178). If you want to change the symbol by the one of your choice, you should use the optional argument of the \setkomavar{fromXXX} command as following:

\setkomavar{fromphone}[<the symbol you want to use>]{01234567890}


(here, only the phone symbol was customized using a right-pointing hand instead)

enter image description here

\documentclass[fromemail]{scrlttr2}%<== the display of the email is enabled in the documentclass declaration
    \KOMAoptions{fromphone}%<== the display of the phone number is enabled later, in the preamble
    \usepackage{fontawesome}%<== package for using other symbols (check the The Comprehensive LaTeX Symbol List)
    \setkomavar{fromname}{John Public}
    \setkomavar{fromaddress}{Valley 2\\
        54321 Public-Village}
    \setkomavar{fromphone}[\faHandORight~]{0\,12\,34~56\,78}%<== customize with your own logo
    \setkomavar{fromemail}{Peter@Public.invalid}%<== no optional argument: default symbol is used

            Joana Public\\
            Hillside 1\\
            12345 Public-City%
        \opening{Dear chairman,}

        the last general meeting was about one year ago.
        I want to remind you, that the constitution of our club advises you to make a general meeting every six month.
        Because of this I expect the executive board to detain such a meeting immediately.

        \closing{Expecting an invitation}
        \ps PS: I hope you accept this as an friendly demand note.

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