I am using Fibeamer beamer theme(can be accessed here The \footnote and \footfullcite commands don't produce any output. However the references are properly rendered with a frame showing \printbibliography. I suspect this has to do with the footer definition in the theme's style file. However I m unable to get this to work.

Here's a MWE


\title{Presentation title}

\begin{frame}{ First slide }
    Testing citations \footfullcite{Smith2012}

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On page 9 of the fibeamer documentation we find

setspace - This package is used to adjust the leading to 115 %. Loading this package breaks any top-level footnotes without the [frame] optional parameter specified. This is a known bug.

So while \footnote{foo} does not work, \footnote[frame]{bar} does. We now need to tell biblatex to insert [frame] whenever it calls footnotes. This can be done with

    {\blx@warning{Nested notes}%

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