I want the article entries to be formatted like this:

LASTNAME, Firstname: Title. In: Journal

Working example:

    andothers = {{et\,al\adddot}},
    editor = {{ Hg\adddot }} ,
    editors = {{ Hg\adddot }}

%% bilbiography driver to display only shorttitle of refernced collection for incollection items




    (aufgerufen am %
    \thefield{urlday}\adddot %\addspace     %  addcomma works !!!

% von Maltzahn should be printed von MALTZAHN in the bibliography

% all authors should be separated by slashes in bib and cites

% in fussnoten komma hinter dem autor

% the separator before the location should be a dot, not a comma

    andothers = {{et\,al\adddot}},
    editor = {{Hg\adddot}},
    editors = {{Hg\adddot}} 

    year = {2014},
    title = {Redefreiheit: Öffentliche Debatten der Bevölkerung im Herbst 1989},
    address = {Leipzig},
    edition = {1. Aufl.},
    publisher = {Leipziger Uni-Vlg},
    isbn = {386583888X},
    editor = {Ahbe, Thomas and Stiehler, Volker and Hofmann, Michael},
    shorttitle = {Redefreiheit}

    xref = {schwobel},
    author = {Bauer, Gisa},
    title = {Transformationen des Religiösen: Die historisch-materialistische Geschichtsschreibung in der DDR als Heilsgeschichte},
    volume = {39},
    series = {VWGTh},
    editor = {Schwöbel, Christoph},
    booktitle = {Geschichte und Gott},
    address = {Leipzig},
    shorttitle = {Transformationen}

    title = {Geschichte und Gott: XV. Europäischer Kongress für Theologie},
    address = {Leipzig},
    volume = {39},
    series = {VWGTh},
    editor = {Schwöbel, Christoph},
    shorttitle = {Geschichte}
    author = {Bulisch, Jens},
    year = {2006},
    title = {Evangelische Presse in der DDR},
    address = {Göttingen},
    volume = {43},
    publisher = {Vandenhoeck und Ruprecht},
    isbn = {3525557442},
    series = {AKZG},
    shorttitle = {Presse}
    author = {Wulf, Marion},
    year = {1998},
    title = {Wirn},
    pages = {4},
    pagination = {page},
    volume = {53},
    number = {40},
    journal = {MKZ},
    shorttitle = {Umkehr}

    text \footcite{bulischop.2006} text. \footcite{wulf}
    text \footcite{bauer} haha. 

In the example the @incollection articles are already formatted correctly, while the @article entries are not.

enter image description here


You can do the following:


enter image description here

  • Alan, that would indeed be a strange requirement. But, if I understood the question well, it is the opposite that the OP wants. That is, to have a capitalized "In" for @articles, which would require to change the comma for a period. – gusbrs Oct 8 '17 at 19:33
  • You got it the wrong way around. I want dot followed by uppercase everywhere. See the title: “. In: JOURNAL” instead of “, in: JOURNAL” – Philipp Oct 8 '17 at 19:33
  • @Philipp Sorry I misread the question. I'll delete and rewrite. – Alan Munn Oct 8 '17 at 19:38
  • @Philipp Now it does what you want, I think. – Alan Munn Oct 8 '17 at 19:45
  • @Philipp, I provided an answer while Alan edited his, but this answer is more general. I recommend you go with this one. (+1) – gusbrs Oct 8 '17 at 19:56

You could patch the relevant part of the bibdriver for article with:


That would work for articles only though, not for other entrytypes.

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