I have 2 plots which in turn have 4 plots each, which I label as shown in the MWE. I am trying to get the caption of the figure to read:

Figure 1: (a)-(d) XYZ and (e)-(h) PQR

In the MWE I am doing it manually. How do I provide sub-references for all the figures such that I get the caption shown above? I cannot get \subref{fig_top_1,fig_top_2,fig_top_3,fig_top_4} to generate the desired. How can I get multiple sub-references to appear as a range in the caption (as above)?




    \caption{\protect\subref{fig_top_1,fig_top_2,fig_top_3,fig_top_4} XYZ  
         and \protect\subref{fig_bottom_1}--\subref{fig_bottom_4} PQR}


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The following solution lets you use both \cref and \crefrange to create the cross-references. Note that \subref is not used.

enter image description here


\renewcommand\p@subfigure{} % no figure-number prefixes in cross-refs to subfigures




    \caption{\cref{fig_top_1,fig_top_2,fig_top_3,fig_top_4} XYZ and 
             \crefrange{fig_bot_1}{fig_bot_4} PQR}

  • 3
    This works fine. But it causes the subfigure references elsewhere to be without figure prefix. Is there a way to prevent this? Should I ask a separate question?
    – nxkryptor
    Feb 5, 2018 at 7:24
  • @nxkryptor - Yes, please post a new query. Do make sure to state what exactly isn't working as you would expect.
    – Mico
    Feb 5, 2018 at 7:27

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